How to Ganache and Decorate your Cake with Sugarpaste

In this workshop, you will learn how to make and use chocolate ganache, as a so-called 'undercoat' to your finished cake, which we will then cover with Squires Fairtrade Sugarpaste, either Bridal White, or Ivory. 

A freshly baked 6" vanilla sponge cake will be made for you.  You will learn how to split and fill the three layers of your cake with buttercream using the dam method, as well as learning how to 'crumb-coat' your cake; essential before applying the ganache.  You will learn how to make, and store, dark chocolate ganache, which is not bitter at all; but very creamy as it is made with whipping cream.  You will then learn how to apply your ganache using acrylic ganache boards, applying it across the sides and top of your cake.  You will apply up to three layers of ganache,  which then hardens to create a chocolate shell; on top of which you will apply your sugarpaste as well as your hand made decorations you will make in this class.

This class is an all-day class, running from 10am-4pm and costs £90.  A light lunch will be provided, as well as refreshments throughout the day.  In this class you will:

  • Learn how to make beautiful buttercream, and if you would like to, to flavour and/or, colour it
  • Learn how to split, level, crumbcoat and ganache your cake
  • Learn how to use sugarpaste to cover your cake, including how to 'treat' and colour it to create your decorations, using a variety of tools and equipment
  • Complete your decorated cake using edible paints and dusts, and use them to embellish your beautiful creations

This cake was ganached with both milk and dark chocolate ganache to meet the client's design; and this what you will achieve during this class, before sugarpaste is applied:

               Chocolate Ganache Cake  and after:  Gerbera Cake Side View  with straight edges, and your own hand-made decorations.

You do not need any prior cake decorating experience to enroll on this class.  We look forward to seeing you here.


Please take a look at our calendar for dates for this class, or contact us about possible alternative dates to suit your own calendar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We look forward to seeing you on this workshop.