Flora and Fauna Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to decorate twelve, freshly baked cupcakes using your own imagination and creative energy; with a little help from some key professional tools, materials and equipment.  You will make a variety of edible, inspired, flora and fauna themed decorations, which can be applied to so many designs for cakes and biscuits; large and small.

Using a variety of tools, including some elements of edible Cake Lace, by Claire Bowman, you will create your own decorations to suit your theme.  Using vanilla buttercream, and learning how to colour sugarpaste, you will also learn how to 'treat', and emboss professional quality sugarpaste into your own designs, and apply these to your cupcakes.  All edible and non-edible materials and tools, including twelve cupcakes, are provided for your use on the day; at the end of which, you will leave with twelve beautifully decorated cupcakes which you have designed and decorated yourself.  Refreshments are provided throughout the workshop, and you do not need any previous experience; the only requirement is that you use your imagination to design your own cakes.  Here are a few examples of what you can create from this workshop:


           Floral Cupcakes    Rose Cupcakes 3    20160224 110259 

                                       90th Floral Birthday Cake      Helens Floral Arrangment 80th Birthday  21st Birthday Floral and Fauna Cupcakes


...these are just a few examples of how your creativity can create the most beautiful and unique cupcakes and decorations to suit all occasions; which can be used on larger cakes and biscuits too.

This is a four hour class running from 10am - 2pm and costs £70. 

During this workshop you will:

  • Create flavoured and coloured (optional) buttercream and swirls for your cupcakes, using a variety of nozzles
  • Learn how to use sugarpaste to cover your cupcakes, including 'treating' and colouring it to create your designs
  • Learn about, and use, aspects of edible cake lace and modelling paste to create your bespoke designs
  • You will learn about embossing patterns onto your sugarpaste to create beautifully elegant 'toppers' and decorations
  • Learn about using edible dusts, glitters and paints to embellish your beautiful creations
  • Use moulds, cutters, embossers and hand-rolled, glueless roses to adorn your cakes
  • Learn how to create, and incorporate ribbons and bows into floral designs, having created your own pearls and other decorations, as well as how to apply these to your cakes
  • Learn about storing left over sugarpaste and decorations

***No previous experience is required to take part on any of our workshops; you will be amazed by your own skills in creating your own beautifully designed cakes***

Please take a look at our calendar for dates for this class, or contact us about alternative dates to suit your own commitments on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We look forward to seeing you here,  Thank you.